The POPM BarCamp is no regular conference but a highly interactive format where community experts meet to share their views and questions on various important topics and to have the opportunity for intensive networking.

What is the “BarCamp” format?

Typically a BarCamp is a event format where keynotes are combined with open sessions where the rules of Open Space are applied. The topics for the sessions are suggested by the participants and everybody may become a session host. So in case you have an interesting topic where you are an expert in or which is of high interest for you: Bring it to the BarCamp and have a discussion with other attendees who are also interested in that topic.

You are also free to prepare a full presentation or a workshop style activity – it’s completely your choice!

More on the BarCamp format can be found in this Wikipedia article.

We have chosen the BarCamp format as we believe that most of the real learning when attending a traditional conference is during the breaks in discussions with other experts.

How does Open Space work?

The open discussions are organized using the Open Space (or Open Space Technology) approach: First we will collect topic and create our agenda collaboratively. After that the magic of Open Space unfolds.

There are four principles for Open Space

  1. Whoever comes are the right people
  2. Whenever it starts is the right time
  3. Whatever happens is the only that could have
  4. When its over its over

Then there is one law: The Law of two Feet: If you are not learning or contributing it is your responsibility to find an opportunity where you are.

Two special types of attendees can be observed in Open Space events: Bumblebees (dynamic, moving between sessions) and Butterflies (focused, stay where they are, may not event join sessions as they get value by having a discussion over a coffee). That’S perfectly fine.

Watch this summary videos of the SAP BarCamp about Machine Learning for more input: